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The Hottest Dubai Property by Charmaine Smith

Dubai has come to be known as the Mini-America of today. The country has expanded with such greatness that people come in hoards for business and opportunity. This major city attracts visitors from all around the globe. One of the biggest benefits of coming to Dubai is the significantly low trade-in duties.

Four years ago, with the commencement of freehold status, people began buying up properties in Dubai. There was an extensive assortment of properties available for low costs. Now, to get the property that you want, you may have your work cut out for you, as it is quite difficult due to the intense competition. Properties in Dubai provide a greater return on your investment. The main reason is because property in Dubai is not subject to taxation.

Another advantage to purchasing property in Dubai is you will automatically acquire a visa to live in the city. The hottest Dubai properties are accessible to investors on all types of budgets. In Dubai, quality and excellence are at their highest.

The hottest Dubai properties are the cottages, public housings, offices and lodges. There are several properties currently available in Dubai. The hottest properties are found in cities like Palm Island, Dubailand, Dubai Marina and others. In coming years, the hottest properties in Dubai will be even hotter with the addition of affordable apartments.

There is fierce competition amongst commercial properties and hotels. As the city continues to expand, the same holds true for office space and apartments. It is becoming harder and harder to find reasonable rental space as the rate continues to rise for both commercial properties and apartments for rent.

The trend as of late seems to be to move to the inner cities like Ajman, where there are several properties available at low costs. People have begun to purchase properties in these remote areas with the hope that within the next five years it will become a part of the main city of Dubai. As a result, many commercial office spaces and buildings have been constructed in these areas.

Hotels are included as some of the hottest Dubai properties. Dubai offers a wide array of services to visitors. Unsurpassed lifestyle and immense job opportunities are the biggest reason for the sudden real estate boom. Dubai is considered the most superb among the Middle East or Muslim countries. Hottest properties also include the penthouses and bungalows of Dubai. The talented Dubai contractors have the expertise to build spectacular buildings with all of the amenities you will ever need.

You may be interested in purchasing a fully furnished apartment. Many of the residential buildings have gyms, shops and more that are easily accessible. It is hard to say which is the hottest property in Dubai. The city of Dubai is already strides ahead of the rest of the world, and being able to be a part of such historical advances provides investors with an unparalleled sense of pride and joy. People from all over the world are starting to dream of one day settling in Dubai.

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What Makes A Great Dubai Apartment? by Charmaine Smith

Dubai is the thriving, most developed and well-known city in the Middle East today. All the major corporations of the world now have their branch or main offices located in Dubai or in the UAE. In Dubai, the majority of the population comprises of foreigners who have come from all parts of the world to work or live there. Therefore, the residential accommodation required would have to suit their tastes, budget and living style. Apartments close to Jumeirah Beach and in Dubai Marina, which happens to be a city within a city, are the best and most sought-after apartments. As Dubai is a new modern city, all the apartment buildings have been designed by some of the best architects in the world, and the construction standards are par excellence. All great apartments in Dubai have all the modern facilities that are needed to make comfortable homes. Some are located in high rise condominiums and have private car parks, swimming pools, gyms, and facility stores, and are located close to the leading hotels in Dubai.

But what makes a great apartment in Dubai? There are single bedroom to five bedroom apartments available in Dubai, so depending on the family size a suitable and comfortable apartment can always be found. The larger apartments can easily and comfortably accommodate six people to a maximum of seven. As everybody knows that Dubai weather-wise is a pretty hot place, so the first thing required in an apartment in Dubai would be air conditioning. The second would be ample space, not little cubby-holes. The apartment must be airy and have large windows with a view of the sea. The apartment must be tastefully furnished and comfortable. Also the kitchen facilities such as the fridge, cooker, microwave, etc should be big enough as per the living requirements of the apartment. Facilities like the telephone, digital TV and high speed internet would be required. A swimming pool, indoor racquet ball court, and gym would be other facilities that would make for a great apartment. Also a private parking lot would be required. If there are small children, or if a live-in maid is required, then a proper place for the maid or servant to stay in would be required. The apartment should be in close proximity to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other places where people like to go.

The apartment must not be located in an area which is not noisy, as Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where life never stops. So disturbance and the humdrum of the city is the last thing that would be needed in an apartment.

So a roomy, airy, well furnished accommodation with all modern day facilities is what would make a great apartment in Dubai. Dubai has the highest construction rate and the city is still expanding, so finding a great apartment (whether studio or family sized and within what is budgeted for) can be found easily. Some of the world's richest people have bought luxurious apartments in Dubai. Plus, most expatriates live in apartments in Dubai. If non-smoking is required then there are non smoking apartments that can be had.

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Dubai Property is it still the place to invest by

As the financial tsunami shows no signs of abating property investors need to search even harder to find real estate bargains so today we focus our attention on the UAE and specifically Dubai.

Until recently Dubai was the property investors haven with real-estate prices heading northward in a seemingly unstoppable wave. However just like everywhere else the ripples of the financial tsunami have also had a dramatic effect on property here. In fact some have said that Dubai will be hard hit having been fuelled by easy credit and high oil revenues however reports of Dubai's demise are premature and here's why?

First a history lesson back in the 1970s when the British withdrew from what was called the Trucial states the seven local sheikdoms became the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi had the greatest share of wealth coz it has by far the greatest share of oil, but Dubai had entrepreneurial spirit. In the 1980s under Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and then his son Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai developed its massive free port,golf courses which changed the landscape and luxury resorts like the Burj Al Arab hotel.

Recently Dubai has also been an exporter of capital investing huge sums in projects' such as six major us container ports. In fact up until recently Dubai was well on its way to achieving $108million GDP not bad for a sheikdom with no oil! So where did they get the money from? Well its no secret that Abu Dhabi has been the major contributor in the development of Dubai and even in these financially turbulent times can easily prop up its little brother. When oil was $147 dollars a barrel Abu Dhabi's 2.7million BP day output pulled a neat 140 billion a year and Abu Dhabi's budget predicts oil at just $67 for all of 2009, even that creates $45 billion so you see they can well afford to support Dubai and not only that the region needs Dubai to succeed. Its is regarded as a shining example of the New middle east, a turbocharged entrepreneurial place that offers a sharp contrast to the chaos and religious sectarianism of Iraq and the corrupt state of Egypt.

Dubai sees itself as a bastion of the free market and a city of modern laws and modern mores in a region where they are in short supply. Dubai's ruler is endlessly innovative and backed by the never ending wealth of its big brother Abu Dhabi, we can confidently predict that Dubai is still a real estate haven to watch. So go ahead Take your pick ,from opulent waterside villas to a one bed pied a Terre Dubai offers property for every budget. At the moment bargains are to be had with developers offering rental guarantees, huge discounts and even free luxury cars for every purchaser.

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The Rising Cost of Dubai Properties

There's no doubt about it - Dubai is hot. It's attracted a lot of attention in the last several years, becoming a symbol of wealth, luxury, and innovation. Tourists, and those seeking to relocate, have been flocking there in droves, which led to rapid growth and rapid increase of property values and prices.

Yet, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Even Dubai, which saw a 79% increase in property price since January 2007, is now facing a bit of a housing slump. In fact, one source predicts that property prices will fall by 10% by 2010. Overall, though, that's still a gain of nearly 70% in just three years! That's an incredible increase by any standards.

So what drives this increase in price? Several things: good old supply-and-demand, greed, and escalating costs of construction. Similar to other places in the world, the high prices of gasoline and oil (originally a boon to Dubai) are now being felt more deeply as products they need are increasing due to those same high oil prices.

Supply-and-demand has affected property prices because of that same skyrocketing interest in Dubai mentioned earlier. It has gained so much attention in the last several years that even they underestimated how many people would want to invest in their real estate-which only became available to foreigners in 2002.

Knowing that the demand is high for their work, some contractors and others with low integrity are being greedy and inflating prices, trying to make the most off the Dubai property boom. Unfortunately, those who are greedy are also short-sighted. If they get away with these inflated prices now, they're only working themselves out of business sooner. Others, less greedy but who can provide excellent work, will do well to under-bid their greedy counterparts and get the jobs.

Some protective measures are now being taken in Dubai, thanks to these rising property costs. Some buyers are being asked to hold on to their properties for a set period of time before trying to sell them again. This will hopefully bring some stability to Dubai and not merely make it an investment flip market for owners.

Some believe oversupply in Dubai will occur sometime in 2009, which will help fuel the predicted 10% price fall by 2010. It is hoped that no matter what occurs, Dubai will not encounter a massive hit such as Singapore did in the 1990s.

For now, many investors in Dubai property remain optimistic and confident. They were able to build up a bit of a profit nest egg and some security before things started to shift. They don't have as much construction to worry about and some of their properties are leased out or otherwise bringing in income, if not yet profit.

Dubai continues to have great attractions for tourists and others wishing to see its man-made and natural Middle Eastern splendors. Dubai would do well to take advantage of its mystique now, and attract more events to it, and continue to generate interest. Perhaps they should also spend some time getting to know what happened in Singapore before the bottom fell out from them!

By Charmaine Smith

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Dubai Property - Investing in UAE Real Estate

Dubai has become an international property hotspot, with great architectural developments and ambitious projects rising up seemingly overnight. With the market still young and demand exceeding supply, the time is ripe for foreigners to invest in this vibrant, captivating city.

In March 2006 the Freehold Law was passed allowing foreigners either 99 year leasehold or freehold ownership of land in designated areas. Freehold or leasehold allows the foreign investor many advantages. Owners are able to sell or rent out the property if they so desire. Investment potential is high, with a great demand for short-term rentals and yields around 10 percent. Dubai does not levy taxes on income, including that obtained from renting property. In addition there is no Capital Gains Tax. With Dubai's population expected to double within the next five years causing the rental demand to increase, a property purchased for the purpose of leasing can be seen as a long term income-generating asset. Owners are not required to live in the UAE, but must visit the country briefly once every six months. There are several local and international property management companies, including Colliers International, Cluttons, Asteco, and JG Property Management, who can look after the property when the owners are away. Properties can also be passed on as inheritance if specific procedures are followed. Ownership of freehold property also entitles the first named owner to a 3 year renewable residence visa. (This visa does not permit the holder to take up work in the country.) The most popular Dubai property developments are the Springs, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, the Meadows, and Arabian Ranches. Other up and coming areas include Business Bay, the Palms (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira, Palm Jebel Ali), and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Investing in Dubai's dynamic and fast moving market is quite simple. The only paper required is a relatively straightforward sales agreement. If necessary, foreigners can apply for financing. The two main lenders in Dubai, specializing in real estate mortgages, are Tamweel and Amlak. When buying property, it is advisable to use a lawyer and make sure a formal contract is signed, especially if purchasing on the secondary market. It is possible and quite common to purchase directly from the developer (such as Emaar or Nakheel) who may charge a transfer fee of between 1-3%. It is typical to have to provide a down payment, plus installments, with the final installment due upon completion or handover of the property. Upon completion, the property should be registered with the Dubai Lands Department. There is a land registry fee equal to 1.5% of the purchase price of the property. Owners should also expect to pay a yearly property maintenance fee which covers such things as any necessary plumbing or electrical repairs, cleanliness of the site, and security.

Buying a home overseas is a major decision. It is essential to research all aspects of a potential investment and deal only with reputable real estate agents since there is no formal structured purchase process in Dubai. Well-known real estate agents with good reputations in Dubai include Better Homes, GoWealthy, Re-Max, and Landmark Properties. Dubai's property market is likely to continue to flourish for the foreseeable future. Dubai is a thriving international destination offering a high standard of living, a tax-free lifestyle, and a safe and secure cosmopolitan community making it the perfect place to invest.

By Ahmed Juma

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Ahmed Juma is a local UAE businessman and the owner of Emirates-Ads, a free UAE and Dubai classifieds site with extensive listings for Dubai property, jobs, vehicles, and items for sale in the United Arab Emirates.

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Dubai Commercial Property - Prospects for New Investors

Dubai is known as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The emirate attracts business from all over the world and because of the city's commercial vitality, multinational organizations from all around the world want to establish their offices in Dubai.

Minimum import duties in Dubai is one of the main reasons why regional and international entrepreneurs are interested in establishing their warehouses in Dubai.
Because of lucrative business opportunities Dubai commercial lands are becoming more and more precious. Investment in Dubai commercial lands generates great returns for investor because of their ever growing prices. Accommodation for labourers is one of the main concerns for all Dubai businesses because the UAE is heavily dependent on expatriates for workforce. Once a new company starts its business it has to establish labour houses in Dubai for the accommodation of its labourers.

The business of restaurants in Dubai is also very profitable. Indian, Pakistani , Arabian and continental foods are favorites in Dubai. People associated with the business are always looking for shops in Dubai to open new cafes and eateries. So if someone is really interested in investment in Dubai commercial property, he can buy shops in Dubai and resell them at profitable rates after sometime.

With the rapid increase in Dubai's population, the demand for health facilities in the city is also growing. Many International Hospitals in Dubai are catering the city's medical needs, but still more are required. As the demand for medical facilities in Dubai is continuously on the rise, there's a growing lack of space for hospitals and clinics in Dubai. So investing in spaces for medical facilities can also bring the investors high returns in very short time.

Commercial Property in Dubai is available in different forms such as, office spaces, warehouses, labour houses, hospitals/clinics and hotels and restaurants. So you have options abound if you want to invest in Dubai commercial property.
Real estate experts believe that Dubai's Commercial property will become very scarce in next couple of years as more and more businesses coming in Dubai are creating high demand. So it's high time for people interested in investment in Dubai commercial property to buy properties for better future prospects.

By: Daniel Marshel

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Daniel Marshel is senior real estate consultant associated with Better Homes, a leading real estate firm in Dubai, UAE. He has more than 25 years of first hand experience of working in Dubai real estate market. His firm Better Homes offers online Dubai commercial property listings, property management and property investment services.

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Dubai property rates to decrease

According to industry analysts, Dubai house prices are likely to lessen in 2010. The prices may start decreasing from next year itself; it would be a considerable difference which may not be noticed.

According to analysis and reports it has been predicted that the demand-supply situation in Abu Dhabi Property will start balancing by 2010.

Appreciation of 40.8 percent has been noticed in the real estate price index in Dubai in residential sector, while the prices in commercial sector have increased by 42.7 percent during the same period.

During June 2007, the average rent rate in Dubai was Dh.1, 291 per Square Foot, while in June 2008 it was Dh.1, 818, marking one year increase of 40%.

Dubai residential prices rate increased during the past five years, the price has been of topmost concern. Locations such as the Barsha and Jumeirah Lake Towers have seen maximum increase in prices.

As people would prefer to live close to station, places adjacent to Dubai Metro are also expensive. In June 2007, the commercial property rates were Dh.1444 per square foot while in June 2008 it was Dh.2060, i.e. 42.7 percent of increase.

The rents would still continue to increase for next one year. Due to increase in the cost of materials, developers have been compelled to slow down there development plans, as this is causing delays in the market.

Fujairah Property which were likely to be finished by 2009-10, have now been extended to 2011-12. Analysts predict that Dubai property prices might reach the peak during later half of 2008.

By: estherchristian

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Shopping in Dubai

Among the many charms of Dubai is shopping. Whether it's haggling over Persian carpets in the centuries-old souks or shopping for French perfumes in the air-conditioned hush of the most modern department store, Dubai offers every shopper a great experience. And as an open port with low import duties, prices are very attractive. Trade is at the heart of Middle-eastern culture, so the variety of products is staggering.

So if you're moving to Dubai to live or just spending a few weeks vacation, shopping will be one of the highlights of your visit. Here's the lowdown on the shopping scene in Dubai which offers literally thousands of shopping outlets across the city. First, let's look at where to go. We'll refer to locations relative to the Dubai Creek, the waterway that splits the city into the two halves of Deira and Bur Dubai.

For sheer comfort, you can't beat Dubai's many fantastic shopping plazas. These multi-storey emporia sell everything from designer fashions to the latest in Eastern technology. They also house restaurants, cafes and movie theaters for the total day out, so finding something to do, and doing it for the whole day, is an easy task in Dubai. Among the most prestigious in Bur Dubai is the centrally-located Bur Juman Center, enormous shopping mall with hundreds prestigious stores adorning the latest in fashion and design, as well as restaurants, textiles and various other attention grabbing shopping outlets.

Leading malls in the Deira district include Al Mulla Plaza, the Intercontinental Plaza, Abu Hail Shopping Centre, The Galleria, and Al Ghurair Centre Bur Dubai features the Wafi Mall and Holiday Centre Plus there are a host of top class department stores and boutiques spread throughout the city.

Not to be missed is the famed and fashionable Emirates mall located at the end of Sheik Ziad Road and which boasts its own indoor ski mountain for those who wish to comfort themselves from the hot summer months after a day of overworking the credit cards. Dubai's modern malls not only offer the most convenient and comfortable way to shop, but they also offer the latest the design world has to offer.

However, to uncover the exotic past of this futuristic city, and to savor the sights and smells of the authentic Arab world, you need to head to one of Dubai's souks. These are the traditional markets of Dubai and you'll find them on both sides of the creek.

Souks are usually organized into areas selling similar items and are often named after a product. Thus the Gold Souk is the place to pick up gold ornaments. Here you can browse earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants in a stunning variety of designs. A specialty of the local gold craftsmen is creating items in shades of pink, white, yellow or green by varying the alloys.

The nearby Spice Souk is filled with baskets piled with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, incense, dried fruit and nuts. Browsing here is an aromatic adventure which you can continue in the Perfume Souk. And there's even a Fish Souk to sell the morning's catch of fish from the Arabian Sea.

If you're looking for authentic local souvenirs you have many choices. You can't go wrong with Arabic coffee pots or sheeshas to remind you of the aromatic local brew. Then there are silver and brass sword and daggers, prayer beads, frankincense, Arabian perfumes, rugs and Persian carpets. Pearls, handwork, leather items and various other authentic and rustic items.

Bargaining at Souks
Bargaining is a traditional part of shopping in Dubai, but please not that modern outlets have fixed prices, so save the embarrassment of trying to haggle a hundred dirhams off that new Armani Jacket at Emirates Mall. Bargaining is for family businesses and markets, negotiation is a key component of the buying process. One good tip is to check out prices at the fixed-priced outlets before heading to the souks. This will give you an idea of a fair price before you start haggling.

Of course, if you've exhausted your options, and your feet, you can always take a rest in front of the computer, get online and do some online shopping at Dubai's first choice for classifieds by searching on for used furniture, cars, property and more. You can find great deals on great items that need to be moved quickly by the outbound expat. You can find ZOOZi by following the link to

The important thing about shopping in Dubai is to enjoy yourself. There are bargains to be found and you can acquire rare and exotic items that will grace your life for many years to come.

Some notable Shopping addresses and operating hours:

Mall of the Emirates,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 04 340 3392
Mall Hours: Sunday-Wednesday:10:00am-10:00 pm,Thursday- Saturday:10am-12:00midnight,Carrefour 10:00 am-midnight

Magrudy's Jumeirah,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 04 344 4192
Mall Hours: 9am-9pm. Fridays 4.30pm-9pm

Deira City Center,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 2954545
Fax: 2955252
Mall Hours: Sat-Thurs - 10am-10pm and Fri - 2pm-10pm
Burjuman Mall
Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 3520222
Fax: 3510824
Mall Hours: Sat-Thurs - 10am-10pm, Fri - 2pm-10pm

By: Roberto Bell

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Zarene Claire writes articles about Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. You can find other useful information on


Dubai Property Ownership- Safeguarding your Dubai property investment by the formation of a corporation or family trust. by Lesley-Anne Johnston

Dubai Property Ownership- Safeguarding your Dubai property investment by the formation of a corporation or family trust


In recent years it has become common practice for foreign owners to hold Dubai property in offshore structures. Certain people, whether resident or non-resident in Dubai can benefit from owning Dubai property through a company. This article outlines how one can purchase a Dubai property (in areas where foreigners may do so) through a corporate structure.

Benefits of purchasing Dubai property via a company or trust

• Avoidance of potential inheritance complications. By using an offshore company and/or an offshore trust the UAE rules of succession relating to real estate can be avoided. The use of an offshore company is certainly recommended and the addition of a trust can be valuable in certain circumstances, although this can be a complex area given that there may be tax consequences depending on an individual's domicile and residence. It may be wise to seek professional advice. • A company is a legal entity in its own right, so it never dies. Upon death, the shares in the company will only be dealt with under UAE law if the deceased's domicile is in the UAE • Tax efficiency • Framework for joint investments. Several investors can merge within an offshore structure and hold shares which reflect their property ownership ratios • Confidentiality. Purchasing a property via a British Virgin Islands (BVI) company, for example, provides an ideal vehicle for buyers who do not wish for their identity to be revealed. Details of shareholders and directors are not a matter of public record in BVI. • Asset protection. Many clients also use the company structure to protect investments such as equities, yachts and private aircraft. • Limited liability • Minimisation of transfer fees. On the sale of a property owned by a company it is the sale of company's shares which effects the sale rather than the sale of the property itself. Depending on the contractual agreement with the developer this could potentially avoid liability for transfer fees. • Mortgage facilities. Mortgages are available from selected banks in Dubai. They are primarily available to UAE offshore companies such as Jebel Ali and Ras-al-Khaimah, but not to BVI companies.


Before purchasing the property the first owner obtains a new offshore company and in most cases installs himself as the shareholder and director. The company then purchases the property.

The cost attached to the purchase and maintenance of the company is relatively low.

When the property is sold, it is not in fact the company which is sold, but the shares in the company are transferred to the new owner. Property developers in Dubai are generally familiar with the use of BVI companies. The documentation and administration required to transfer the ownership of a new BVI company can be
achieved in one working day.

Lesley-Anne Johnston is the Marketing Assistant at The ILS Group Limited, a fiduciary services provider with offices in ten countries worldwide.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Purchasing Dubai Property

Can I purchase a property in Dubai?
Anyone can purchase a property in Dubai. In 2002 H.H. General Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and U.A.E Defence Minister, announced freehold ownership was now available to all nationalities Worldwide.

Can I get residency in Dubai if I purchase a Dubai property?
Freehold property owners in Dubai and their family have the right to apply for a resident visa in accordance with the latest immigration regulations.

What extra fees do I have to pay on top of the purchase price ie, tax?
There are no property taxes to pay in Dubai as Dubai is a tax free country. Therefore the price you see on a pricelist is the total property price for new Dubai property.

How do I pay for a Dubai Property?
All Dubai Properties are purchased in UAE Dirhams, at Find Me A Property In Dubai we will assist you in this process. We advise you open an account with a foreign exchange company, this way you secure the best possible exchange rate.

Can I get finance in Dubai to purchase Dubai Property?
Yes. Finance is available from 50% up to 70% for non residents. However this process and application is specific to each individual development. Speak to a member of our team for more information concerning finance for Dubai properties.

What is the weather like in Dubai?
Dubai enjoys all year round sunshine!

Where is Dubai located?
Dubai is located in the Middle East and is the second largest of the seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates.

By Jenny Andrew

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Dubai‘s Seven Wonders

Dubai‘s Seven Wonders

Dubai is one of highest per-capita incomes countries because its economy was built from oil and gas industry. Currently, only a small fraction of Dubai’s national earnings comes from oil, the majority comes from tourists who want sun, sea and beaches which Dubai has many to offer.

If you have a chance to visit Dubai, you will be stunned by what I would like to call “Seven Wonders of Dubai”. The Mall of the Emirates the first shopping resort where the wizard of Dubai casts a spell to bring snow to this desert country. The temperature outside may be more than 40c but inside , there are the 25 storey man-made mountain where snow skiers can barrel down five ski runs all year round.

The Dubai Marina the biggest man-made marina, the Palm trilogy the largest man made islands, the Burj Al Arab the only seven stars hotel, the Dubai World Cup the most exclusive and richest horse race, The World the earth-shaped development when see from the air, shows the map of the entire world and Wild Wadi the most advanced water park.

All listed above are only some of Dubai’s superlatives which you should not miss. It’s true that money cannot buy everything but money can build anything here in Dubai.