Monday, January 26, 2009

Dubai Commercial Property - Prospects for New Investors

Dubai is known as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The emirate attracts business from all over the world and because of the city's commercial vitality, multinational organizations from all around the world want to establish their offices in Dubai.

Minimum import duties in Dubai is one of the main reasons why regional and international entrepreneurs are interested in establishing their warehouses in Dubai.
Because of lucrative business opportunities Dubai commercial lands are becoming more and more precious. Investment in Dubai commercial lands generates great returns for investor because of their ever growing prices. Accommodation for labourers is one of the main concerns for all Dubai businesses because the UAE is heavily dependent on expatriates for workforce. Once a new company starts its business it has to establish labour houses in Dubai for the accommodation of its labourers.

The business of restaurants in Dubai is also very profitable. Indian, Pakistani , Arabian and continental foods are favorites in Dubai. People associated with the business are always looking for shops in Dubai to open new cafes and eateries. So if someone is really interested in investment in Dubai commercial property, he can buy shops in Dubai and resell them at profitable rates after sometime.

With the rapid increase in Dubai's population, the demand for health facilities in the city is also growing. Many International Hospitals in Dubai are catering the city's medical needs, but still more are required. As the demand for medical facilities in Dubai is continuously on the rise, there's a growing lack of space for hospitals and clinics in Dubai. So investing in spaces for medical facilities can also bring the investors high returns in very short time.

Commercial Property in Dubai is available in different forms such as, office spaces, warehouses, labour houses, hospitals/clinics and hotels and restaurants. So you have options abound if you want to invest in Dubai commercial property.
Real estate experts believe that Dubai's Commercial property will become very scarce in next couple of years as more and more businesses coming in Dubai are creating high demand. So it's high time for people interested in investment in Dubai commercial property to buy properties for better future prospects.

By: Daniel Marshel

About the Author:
Daniel Marshel is senior real estate consultant associated with Better Homes, a leading real estate firm in Dubai, UAE. He has more than 25 years of first hand experience of working in Dubai real estate market. His firm Better Homes offers online Dubai commercial property listings, property management and property investment services.

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