Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dubai‘s Seven Wonders

Dubai‘s Seven Wonders

Dubai is one of highest per-capita incomes countries because its economy was built from oil and gas industry. Currently, only a small fraction of Dubai’s national earnings comes from oil, the majority comes from tourists who want sun, sea and beaches which Dubai has many to offer.

If you have a chance to visit Dubai, you will be stunned by what I would like to call “Seven Wonders of Dubai”. The Mall of the Emirates the first shopping resort where the wizard of Dubai casts a spell to bring snow to this desert country. The temperature outside may be more than 40c but inside , there are the 25 storey man-made mountain where snow skiers can barrel down five ski runs all year round.

The Dubai Marina the biggest man-made marina, the Palm trilogy the largest man made islands, the Burj Al Arab the only seven stars hotel, the Dubai World Cup the most exclusive and richest horse race, The World the earth-shaped development when see from the air, shows the map of the entire world and Wild Wadi the most advanced water park.

All listed above are only some of Dubai’s superlatives which you should not miss. It’s true that money cannot buy everything but money can build anything here in Dubai.