Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions on Purchasing Dubai Property

Can I purchase a property in Dubai?
Anyone can purchase a property in Dubai. In 2002 H.H. General Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and U.A.E Defence Minister, announced freehold ownership was now available to all nationalities Worldwide.

Can I get residency in Dubai if I purchase a Dubai property?
Freehold property owners in Dubai and their family have the right to apply for a resident visa in accordance with the latest immigration regulations.

What extra fees do I have to pay on top of the purchase price ie, tax?
There are no property taxes to pay in Dubai as Dubai is a tax free country. Therefore the price you see on a pricelist is the total property price for new Dubai property.

How do I pay for a Dubai Property?
All Dubai Properties are purchased in UAE Dirhams, at Find Me A Property In Dubai we will assist you in this process. We advise you open an account with a foreign exchange company, this way you secure the best possible exchange rate.

Can I get finance in Dubai to purchase Dubai Property?
Yes. Finance is available from 50% up to 70% for non residents. However this process and application is specific to each individual development. Speak to a member of our team for more information concerning finance for Dubai properties.

What is the weather like in Dubai?
Dubai enjoys all year round sunshine!

Where is Dubai located?
Dubai is located in the Middle East and is the second largest of the seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates.

By Jenny Andrew

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