Friday, January 30, 2009

The Hottest Dubai Property by Charmaine Smith

Dubai has come to be known as the Mini-America of today. The country has expanded with such greatness that people come in hoards for business and opportunity. This major city attracts visitors from all around the globe. One of the biggest benefits of coming to Dubai is the significantly low trade-in duties.

Four years ago, with the commencement of freehold status, people began buying up properties in Dubai. There was an extensive assortment of properties available for low costs. Now, to get the property that you want, you may have your work cut out for you, as it is quite difficult due to the intense competition. Properties in Dubai provide a greater return on your investment. The main reason is because property in Dubai is not subject to taxation.

Another advantage to purchasing property in Dubai is you will automatically acquire a visa to live in the city. The hottest Dubai properties are accessible to investors on all types of budgets. In Dubai, quality and excellence are at their highest.

The hottest Dubai properties are the cottages, public housings, offices and lodges. There are several properties currently available in Dubai. The hottest properties are found in cities like Palm Island, Dubailand, Dubai Marina and others. In coming years, the hottest properties in Dubai will be even hotter with the addition of affordable apartments.

There is fierce competition amongst commercial properties and hotels. As the city continues to expand, the same holds true for office space and apartments. It is becoming harder and harder to find reasonable rental space as the rate continues to rise for both commercial properties and apartments for rent.

The trend as of late seems to be to move to the inner cities like Ajman, where there are several properties available at low costs. People have begun to purchase properties in these remote areas with the hope that within the next five years it will become a part of the main city of Dubai. As a result, many commercial office spaces and buildings have been constructed in these areas.

Hotels are included as some of the hottest Dubai properties. Dubai offers a wide array of services to visitors. Unsurpassed lifestyle and immense job opportunities are the biggest reason for the sudden real estate boom. Dubai is considered the most superb among the Middle East or Muslim countries. Hottest properties also include the penthouses and bungalows of Dubai. The talented Dubai contractors have the expertise to build spectacular buildings with all of the amenities you will ever need.

You may be interested in purchasing a fully furnished apartment. Many of the residential buildings have gyms, shops and more that are easily accessible. It is hard to say which is the hottest property in Dubai. The city of Dubai is already strides ahead of the rest of the world, and being able to be a part of such historical advances provides investors with an unparalleled sense of pride and joy. People from all over the world are starting to dream of one day settling in Dubai.

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